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What People are saying about

Pursuit of Light, An Extraordinary Journey

Pursuit of Light, An Extraordinary Journey Pursuit of Light, An Extraordinary Journey has to be one of the most interesting autobiography/self-help books I have ever read. The depth of emotion and detail of each chapter make the book hard to put down. I think everyone can relate to Sandy at some stage of her life. The people and the situations may be different, but the feelings and realization that you must choose to rise above the circumstances are themes we can all identify in our own lives.

Gretchen Cawthon, from

Courageous. Compelling. A very well-written page turner!

Gary Seidler, Co-Founder, Health Communications, Inc.

This was one of the most inspirational books I have read this year. What's inspiring about Pursuit of Light is the message Sandy Brewer portrays to people. She shares her past in order to enhance her message of hope and change for others. No matter how bad someone's past is, it's possible to be successful and happy now. The story is told skillfully with humor. It's amazing how much joy and laughter Sandy manages to portray in spite of all she's been through. The message of hope, light, freedom and change gets through. It was very well written and I'm sure it will help many people.

Sandra Williams, Suite 101 review

Once you start it you will not be able to put it down - from page one!

Antoinette Kuritz, Founder of La Jolla Writers Conference

An Incredible journey! A brilliant book - literary and inspiring, a courageous quest and love story combined. Brewer's memoir moved me in so many ways. However it is her undying commitment to knowing a greater truth that stays with me most. Repeated throughout the book is a transformation message: by choosing a different perspective about ANY life experience, one can be lifted out of its drama and know a greater truth. A must read for anyone wishing to live an amazing life.

Carol Zahorsky, Public Relations Specialist

One might expect to find the story of a victim in this book, but instead, I found the story of a shaman who walked through the burning coals of hell and amazingly forged a healing path for herself and countless others…And now, where she stands-in all her profound awareness - whole, beautiful, and filled with love."

Maribeth Derry, award winning lyricist

I first read Pursuit of Light and was completely drawn into the story. Then I re-read it and realized how truly brilliant it is. Each story has a point that would in some way apply to everyone's life even if the circumstances are quite different.

Lizanne Judge

Knowing Sandy Brewer personally, and knowing bits and pieces about her past, did not prepare me for the impact her story would have on me. To make the journey from where she started, to where she is today, and the positive, loving effect she has had on so many lives, is nothing less than miraculous. The way she uses her horrific childhood experiences to give the reader effective tools to deal with everyday problems makes Pursuit of Light a must read.

Bo Goldsen, President, Criterion Music

Long after you've finished the book, I guarantee you'll hear Sandy Brewer's voice empowering you to choose well. "I chose to believe my life is not happenstance, and in that choice I felt empowered." This book is a wonderful choice for any reader.

Diane Amento Owens

I found it so compelling that I read it in one sitting because I couldn't put it down. It is a must read!

Susan Byerly, Choice Seminars

Sandy, I finished reading your book last week just after purchasing it. All I can say is WOW. It was quite inspirational and made me think that my "problems" are small in comparison to what you overcame to become the complete woman you are. Thank you.

Jacque Thayer

A stunning, inspiring, powerful book. It stayed with me. I couldn't put it down. You have to experience it!

Paul Antonelli, two time Emmy Winner

Sandy's book is a true testimony to the power of the human spirit to survive, forgive and go into the future with a deeply positive outlook.

The Reverend Heather Mueller

About the

Audio version of Pursuit of Light

The audio-book Pursuit of Light on CD is utterly mesmerizing. Sandy is an incredible speaker. The combination of her voice creates a riveting three dimensional perspective that is truly life awakening. A tactile transportation through a staggering journey resonates from a voice filled with truth, urgency, vulnerability, and un-wavering belief in love and freedom that taps your core to the truth. It feels as if she's right there - guiding you.

Lonnie Sill, President, Sill Music Group

The (audio version) book took us by surprise. Not that we didn't expect a brilliant book after having met Sandy, but we didn't expect to be so emotionally involved! Sandy resonates in a distinctively personal manner with a heightened sense of spirituality. She touches you because she infuses emotion into the intellectual veracity of her topic. I was mesmerized as Sandy's life unfolded. I've come to learn as I age that dysfunction in its various degrees is the norm, but there's dysfunction and there's DYSFUNCTION! And yet, She epitomizes the proverbial phoenix of humanity in finding the Light. I love using her analogy of Light. It's the ultimate affirmation. It's optimism and fulfillment in one fell swoop. She's such an inspiration.

Philip Leddel, CLTC, The Leddel Company

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