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I cannot write a stronger recommendation letter for Dr. Sandy Brewer to be a speaker of note for your organization. She is a people's person who can engage her audience immediately and leaves them mesmerized. Sandy is eloquent, erudite, graceful and sincere, with great humor. She captivates, and instills hope, confidence, knowledge and inspiration in everyone and is the best instrument to touch people.

Dr. Sheila Kar, Clinical Chief of Cardiology, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles. Founder of Sheila Kar Health Foundation

At our organization in Boulder we receive some of the finest speakers in the world, no exaggeration. We have the best of the best come to talk about natural medicine, the art of relationship and more. Among the very best, I recommend to you Sandy Brewer, a powerful speaker who captivated and inspired our group at a soul-deep level. Sandy is more than a speaker; she is a dynamic force of guidance and inspiration who can truly help people to change their lives for the better. If she comes your way, snatch her up! She's truly amazing!

Jack Groverland, Boulder, CO
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