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Sandy Brewer seamlessly writes from a child’s perspective to the adult woman she has become. This book will touch, jab and prod every nerve in your body ultimately leaving you with the profound knowledge that we as individuals have “all” the power! Reading this book enlightened me to realize that whenever I have felt rejected in life I was really only rejecting myself. As simple as this concept sounds it really is a monumental theory to put your arms around. Everyone has a story in their lives that they are attached to. These stories are usually tangled up in pain. Sandy’s journey and lessons in this book can help anyone untangle their lives and live pain free!!!! Now that’s a great concept!

Agi Smith

"Knowing Sandy personally, and knowing bits and pieces about her past, did not prepare me for the impact her story would have on me. To make the journey from where she started, to where she is today, and the positive, loving affect she has had on so many lives, is nothing less than miraculous. The way she uses her horrific childhood experiences to give the reader effective tools to deal with every- day problems makes PURSUIT OF LIGHT a must read!"

--Bo Goldsen
President, Criterion Music

"Few have mastered themselves. Far fewer in the face of great and unfathomable adversity. That is the journey of Sandy Brewer - from darkness to truth. Sandy brings forward into our hearts the recognition that the impossible is truly possible."

--Dr. Mary Lou Rane
Alternative Medicine Specialist

"Courageous. Compelling. A very well-written page turner!"

--Gary Seidler
Co-founder, Health Communications, Inc. (Publisher "Chicken Soup..." Series)

"One might expect to find the story of a victim in this book, but instead I found the story of a shaman who walked through the burning coals of hell and amazingly forged a healing path for herself and countless others… And now, here she stands - in all her profound awareness - whole, beautiful, and filled with love."

--Maribeth Derry
Award-winning Lyricist

"This compelling, powerful, inspiring story demonstrates to people that nobody has to be a victim of their circumstances. We all have choices to make in life and Sandy Brewer is living proof that one does not have to be a victim of their past. She shares her story in a way that compels people to look at their life differently and become aware of the choices we all have in life. Her knowingness about everything in life happening for a reason and obstacles and challenges can be overcome through our decision to choose differently is her message to the world. This book is a MUST READ!"

-- Susan Byerly
Choice Seminars, Producer of 19 Wayne Dyer seminars

We all have hard times, and we've all had some kind of challenges growing up. None compares to Sandy's experience. However, this book is not a "they done me wrong" or "my story's worse than yours" kind of book. Not at all. This book is about choices. It's about that no matter what you've gone through, today is a new today and today is filled with choices -- choices to make your life the life you truly desire. I highly recommend this book as a constant source of inspiration and a reminder that we owe it to ourselves to lead the joyful lives we want!

Erica Horstmeyer, Los Angeles

In a day when memoirs have taken a hit, I feel that Sandy Brewer's honesty, insight and bravery brings a freshness to the genre. This inspiring book about 'overcoming to become' has made an impact on me and touched my heart. In a day and age when drive-thru psychoanalysis is so commonplace, this book has guts and staying power.

Thomas Sharkey, Palm Springs, CA

A stunning, inspiring, powerful book. It stayed with me. I couldn’t put it down. You have to experience it!

Paul Antonelli, Two-time Emmy winner

I found this down-to-earth motivating memoir extraordinarily compelling. The author, in my opinion, mastered an avenue of expression for such a difficult subject matter. I appreciated her candor, sense-of-humor and creative style of writing. Read it!

Charles Pearson Palm Desert, CA

The moment I got this book in my hands I couldn't let go until I was done. A true testimony to the mysteries and resilience of the human spirit coupled with a burning desire to choose to follow a thin sliver of light to the source of something greater. The Talmud teaches "to save one life is as if you have saved the world." This electrifying story of a life saved has the potential to transform many lives; the material in this book is that important and timely. Here the road less taken, though profoundly difficult, makes all the difference not just to ourselves but all whose paths we cross. I urge you to take this journey and learn lessons of a lifetime. Bravo!

Cheryl Beychok, Los Angeles

I'm always looking for answers to my questions, and IN PURSUIT OF THE LIGHT caught my attention. I didn't expect Sandy Brewer's book to motivate me to the point it has. Reading her story, and seeing how she dealt with her terrible upbringing, and rising to the point she has in her career, brings things in my life into a better perspective. This book will kick your butt.

Chris Swegal, Pasadena, CA