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Sandy's lectures, seminars, and workshops are uniquely inspirational and always filled with insight, humor, life lessons, and practical tools for creating extraordinary life changes for oneself and in service to others. As Dr. Sheila Kar, Clinical Chief of Cardiology at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles and founder of the Sheila Kar Health Foundation says:
"She (Sandy) is a people's person who can engage her audience immediately and leaves them mesmerized. Sandy is eloquent, erudite, graceful and sincere, with great humor. She captivates, and instills hope, confidence, knowledge and inspiration in everyone and is the best instrument to touch people."

Sample topics for lectures, seminars and workshops

(Many topics are interchangeable between groups and all topics are
tailored to meet the specific composition and needs of the audience)

Community Groups
  • Self love - Volunteers Needed!
  • Living the Life You Love - Loving the Life you Live
  • Getting to the Heart of What Matters
  • How to Get Off the Stress Express
  • The Surprising Power of Learning to Keep It Simple
  • Seeing Through the Eyes of Love
  • How to Forgive Anyone for Anything
Professional Groups
  • Straight Talk for Healing Trauma
  • The Art of Changing the World One Life at a time
  • Creating Sustainable Change
  • Empowering Ourselves and Our Communities
  • The Inevitable Connection of Abuse and PTSD
  • When the Doctor Becomes the Patient
  • Four Steps Required to Go Beyond Abuse
  • Journey to Healing - No Matter Where We Have Been or What We Have Experienced
  • Embracing the Depth of Our True Nature and the Passion of Our Potentials

  • "No matter where we have been or what we have experienced it pales in comparison to the core of who we are today..." Sandy Brewer

    To explore bringing Sandy Brewer to your organization, complete the on-line Speaking Request Form or contact John at 760-230-8123